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In this shop you find unique chalkbags for climbers, handmade in Switzerland. Most chalkbags are one-of-a-kind. They are personally designed, and made from up-cycled fabrics (e.g. old denim) and other handpicked materials (many of which are from outdoor brands' overproduction, and their use avoids them going to waste). My goal is to make products that combine unique design with longevity and functionality. The current product is the result of five years of development and evolution. I started making chalkbags for friends, then began selling at local gyms. As I am getting more and more requests, I decided to begin selling online.
I am Christine Grassmann, passionate climber and chalkbag designer - #1

I am Christine Grassmann, passionate climber and chalkbag designer



Tulla-Weg, 8753 Mollis
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Inaari History

A small business providing your personal beautiful and functional chalkbag for climbers
I started making chalkbags as a side hobby back in 2018 while is was enrolled in a vocational training at the Swiss School of Textiles. I was not satisfied with the design and often functionality which most industrially made chalkbags provide. Over the past years I continued to optimise design and functionality based on the feedback I received from my local customers. I still make all chalk-bags myself in my own workshop.